Sea Salt Spray

  • All-natural Texturizing Hair Sea Salt Spray is perfect for adding volume and grit to your style.

    Adds a touch of our signature pinewood scent to freshen up your hair.

    Made with natural ingredients to make your hair and scalp healthier.

  • Water, Organic Alcohol, Fine Sea Salt, Glycerin, Fragrance

Texture & Grit

HWG creates uncomplicated premium men’s grooming goods with you in mind. You have better things to do, so we craft simple solutions to your daily grooming routine. The HWG Sea Salt Spray is a refreshing hair texturizer that adds volume and grit, with a light hold and leaves your hair and scalp healthy.

Natural Ingredients

Fine Sea Salt gives hair a natural texture, great for achieving either a messy look, or as a pre-styler that combined with pomade adds to strength of hold.

Vegetable Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it can actually pull in moisture from the air, keeping hair hydrated and healthy.

Sustainable Packaging

All HWG goods are packaged in a variety of sustainable materials. The Sea Salt Spray features 100% post-consumer-recycled HDPE plastic, effectively removing raw plastics from our oceans and landfills.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
michael poon
No noticable different

What is it supposed to accomplish? I can't tell after 10 minutes. My hair looks the same.

Chris DiGiacomo

Sea Salt Spray

Justin R
Great product poor shipping experience

Love the smell of the clay and wax. The sea salt Spray smells just as good. I give their products 5 stars. However, the spray leaked during shipping. I guess the top wasn't screwed on tightly enough and there was no plastic cap for the pump. I definitely didn't end up with number of ounces I paid for.

Great Touch Up Spray.

Besides its great smell, the Sea Salt Spray acts as a great touch up spray to get you back out of the house quickly and looking good.

Adam Gonzalez
Little to no hold

I am not a fan of the sea salt spray. It doesn’t provide any hold factor and the spray from the bottle is a messy one. I love the medium hold pomade but this one I will not be getting again unless they offer a more hold hairspray.