• Your best days lie ahead and start with a collection of all HWG's best sellers that never disappoint. Tested and approved by thousands of guys that have already discovered their style with ‘HWG’. 

    Includes 5 Best Sellers: 

    1. Medium Hold Hair Clay: A natural matte finish clay with an all-day hold that adds texture and goes in smooth. 
    2. Texturizing Hair Sea Salt Spray: Perfect for adding volume & grit to your style. Sea Salt Spray is a great pre-styler and hair texturizer.  
    3. Body Wash: The daily driver you can depend on. HWG's Body Wash is packed with organic ingredients that clean and moisturize. 
    4. Natural Deodorant: NO BO. NO BS. The best natural deodorant on the market goes on smooth & clear with a non-staining and odor-eliminating formula that doesn't quit. 
    5. Tea Tree Charcoal Soap: Soap should be simple. This rich blend of natural and organic ingredients cleans while moisturizing your skin.