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  • Empower your shower with everything you need to kickstart your day. The key to looking and feeling your best starts here. 

    Everything You Need In The Shower: 

    1. Shampoo: NEW Great hair starts here. We've spent years developing and testing this natural shampoo formula to ensure it is something different, something better, for you.
    2. Conditioner: NEW Too much good stuff in here, and your hair will agree. Inspired by the fresh feeling from jumping in the ocean, this eco-marine formula leaves you with thicker, healthier, stronger hair. 
    3. Body Wash: The daily driver you can depend on, HWG's Body Wash is packed with organic ingredients that clean and moisturize. 
    4. Face Wash: NEW Keep that moneymaker fresh. Start your day with the satisfaction of a blend of natural powerhouse ingredients combined into a foamy lather, activating the fresh scent of natural eucalyptus.
    5. Tea Tree Charcoal Soap: Soap should be simple. This rich blend of natural and organic ingredients cleans while moisturizing your skin. 
    6. Juniper Forest Soap: Simply damn good soap. This organic recipe uses ground juniper berries that naturally exfoliate and moisturizes the skin.